juli 23, 2024

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Using the Brinell Hardness Test Method

I have frequently used the Brinell hardness test method in my professional capacity as it provides a simple and trustworthy way to accurately measure inconsistences in the surfaces and sub-surfaces of a variety of materials. Our company tests primarily cast iron and steel materials for forging and casting, so using this testing method enables us to find out the hardness of a material quickly and accurately. As this method uses the simple calculation of load, impression diameter and ball diameter (the carbide ball which is applied to make the indentation) it is then possible to easily determine your result.


Range of Tests

When using the Brinell hardness test method, our company uses very high test loads, usually from between 500kgf to 3000kgf, but this testing method allows you to test much lower weights of materials if you wish, from as little as 1kgf I believe. The specific indentation that appears in the material having had the test load applied can then be measured with the correct optical system via our inhouse microscopes. It is a good idea we have found to use a grinder first in order to prepare the material surface, that way you can ensure the most accurate result possible.